CBI Pro-Akademia


Excellence label for our Bioenergy for the Region cluster


We are pleased to announce that the Bioenergy Cluster for the Region, coordinated by CBI Pro-Akademia, received the international certificate "European Cluster Excellence Initiative Bronze Label Certificate". In order to be able to apply for the distinction in the form of one of the three certificates (gold, silver, bronze), clusters must prove themselves in terms of activities aimed at further improvement of organization structures and procedures, as well as the highest quality of management techniques. The certificate can be obtained after joining the cluster benchmarking, the methodology of which was developed by a specially trained, international team of ESCA (European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis) experts. If the verification process is successful, the cluster receives a distinction in the form of the Bronze Label of Cluster Management Excellence. The benchmarking covers several areas: Cluster structure, Management, Strategy, Financing, Services provided, Contacts and interactions with the environment, The results of operation and the cluster's reputation. 

The certificate is an authentication tool for cluster organizations. It confirms their quality and value. Its task is to distinguish them, motivate them to compete and contribute to the growth of interest in the cluster of potential partners. The cluster organization is also entered into the public database of clusters participating in the verification process. So far, over 800 clusters from 40 countries have participated in the project (the database of all organizations can be found at: www.cluster-analysis.org/benchmarked-clusters). The ESCA certificate is granted for a period of 2 years. In Poland, this distinction is currently held by four clusters, including the Bioenergy for the Region cluster, coordinated by RIC Pro-Akademia.