CBI Pro-Akademia


Companies from Lodz region will acquire energy from waste products


Its aim was to analyze the compliance of the Waste Management Model of companies from theagri-food industry in the Lodz region.

Discussion was organized by the Research and Innovation Centre Pro-Akademia and attended byrepresentatives of companies in the agri-food sector (micro, small and medium enterprises) andmembers of science and business - experts in the field of waste treatment technology and energy sectors, with practical experience in the field of financing the production of energy from renewable sources.

The discussion focused on the possibilities and modern methods of processing production leftowers produced by the companyfrom agri-food sector of the Lodz region. Experts discussed the currently available industrial waste processing technologiesand the benefits of investment for each company. It should be noted that representatives of the companies expressed their opinions and comments on the objectives of the project and the concept model. Such approach allowed to gain essential insights in the context of local economy which in turn will translate in to better results.