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CiteScore™ Tracker calculated for Acta Innovations


On 4 December 2021, Scopus calculated the CiteScore™ Tracker 2021 for Acta Innovations – amounting to 1.1, which is a good result for a journal that entered Scopus only this year. The full information on this index is available at Acta Innovations’ profile managed by Scopus.

– From now on, the citation impact of Acta Innovations will be more easily trackable, since CiteScore™ Tracker allows for a straightforward monitoring of serial titles, such as scientific journals, even on a month-to-month basis – explains Dr. Rafał Łukasik, Editor in Chief of Acta Innovations.

The CiteScore™ Tracker considers the number of citations and the number of articles published by our journal. The start of CiteScore™ Tracker calculation is an important step in increasing Acta Innovations recognition in the global scientific community. The metric will be updated every month, as a current indication of Acta Innovations performance.

For more information on our journal, please visit www.actainnovations.eu.