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Bioenergy for the Region Cluster at NEUF conference


Poland is currently trying to reach the level of 20% of renewable energy till 2020 so as to meet the European Union’s targets. This may seem a difficult task since around 94% of Polish power industry is based on coal.
NEUF (New Energy User Friendly) conference was organized by the Polish Social Council of National Emission Reduction Program (SCNERP). It was founded by the Minister of Economy as an advisory institution and its main aim is to optimize emission reduction as a primary tool of environmental protection. Its secondary aim is to educate society in the field of climate change. SCNERP is also a patron of AEC Pro-Akademia's project titled “Bioenergy for the Region – Integrated PhD Students' Development Program”.

The conference was divided into 3 sessions:

• Session 1 was devoted to topics related to reduction of GHG emission in Poland.
• Session 2 was devoted to investments in Renewable Energy Sources.
• Session 3 was devoted to legislation problems in the field of Renewable Energy Sources.