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Acta Innovations skyrockets with impressive new CiteScore!


Acta Innovations, a scientific journal published by RIC Pro-Akademia since 2011, in cutting-edge research and innovation, has received the exciting news that the eagerly awaited CiteScore for 2022 has been released, and Acta Innovations has achieved a remarkable score of 2.6. This marks a substantial increase of almost 75% compared to the previous year's score.

The entire Acta Innovations team extends its heartfelt appreciation to the brilliant authors and dedicated reviewers who have contributed to this success. Their hard work, passion, and commitment to advancing knowledge and innovation have been instrumental in elevating the journal's impact.

The new CiteScore is a testament to the exceptional quality and relevance of the research published in Acta Innovations. It serves as an important indicator of the journal's influence within the scientific community. As Acta Innovations continues to attract important scientific studies and foster collaborations among esteemed researchers, its rising CiteScore further solidifies its position as an impactful platform for disseminating innovative ideas.

Acta Innovations invites researchers, scientists, and scholars from various fields to consider submitting their cutting-edge manuscripts for publication. With the journal's enhanced visibility and growing impact, authors can leverage this opportunity to reach a wider audience and contribute to the advancement of their respective domains.

The increase in CiteScore reflects Acta Innovations' unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of scientific excellence and integrity. By providing a platform for impactful research and fostering a collaborative environment, Acta Innovations aims to accelerate innovation, inspire future scientific discoveries, and shape the landscape of interdisciplinary research. CiteScore is a metric developed by Elsevier, a leading academic publishing company, to assess the impact and influence of academic journals. It provides a comprehensive measurement that takes into account the citations received by articles published in a particular journal over a specific period. Unlike other metrics that focus solely on the impact of a journal, CiteScore evaluates the overall citation impact of a journal's articles by considering citations from a wide range of sources, including scholarly journals, conference papers, and patents. This holistic approach aims to provide a more comprehensive and accurate representation of a journal's influence within the scientific community. CiteScore is calculated by dividing the total number of citations received by articles published in a journal within a specific year (e.g., 2022) by the total number of articles published in the same journal during that year. The resulting number represents the average number of citations per article, providing an indication of the journal's relative impact and influence.

Acta Innovations invites both established researchers and aspiring scholars to join its mission of pushing the boundaries of knowledge and driving transformative change. By submitting their manuscripts to Acta Innovations, authors have the chance to showcase their work to a global audience and become part of a vibrant community dedicated to shaping the future through innovation.

Acta Innovations takes pride in the remarkable achievements reflected in its new CiteScore, and it remains committed to maintaining its upward trajectory. With each passing year, Acta Innovations strives to further elevate its impact, embrace new discoveries, and make a lasting contribution to the world of research and innovation.

Join Acta Innovations on this exciting journey and be a part of a transformative community that is shaping the future. Submit your manuscript today and be a catalyst for change!