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Acta Innovations achieves exceptional growth in the CiteScore Tracker


CiteScore Tracker for Acta Innovations reached 4.0 in the past month, continuing an impressive upward trend!

What is CiteScore Tracker?

CiteScore Tracker value is calculated in the same way as CiteScore but for the current year, not previous full years. CiteScore Tracker calculations are updated every month and provide a real-time performance indicator for the title. The count (citation count) of the metric for the current year accumulates on a monthly basis as additional citations are received, ensuring consistency with the CiteScore construction over the entire year. CiteScore Tracker does not rely on 12-month window. Metric values are finalized in the first half of the year, and then the tracking module is calculated for the following year. For instance, CiteScore Tracker 2022 will be complete and updated in the first half of 2023 when CiteScore Tracker 2023 starts to be published on Scopus.com.

The increase in the CiteScore indicator reflects Acta Innovations' commitment to maintaining the highest standards of scientific excellence and integrity. As a platform that promotes influential research and supports scientific collaboration in the field of innovation, Acta Innovations aims to accelerate the dissemination of knowledge, inspire future scientific discoveries, and advance interdisciplinary research.

Acta Innovations warmly invites both experienced scientists and aspiring researchers to collaborate in pushing the boundaries of knowledge and achieving breakthroughs. By submitting their manuscripts to Acta Innovations, authors have the opportunity to showcase their work to a global audience, becoming part of the international scientific community dedicated to shaping the future through innovation. By sending their articles to Acta Innovations, scientists can actively contribute to the global scientific heritage and share their research on an international scale.

Congratulations to the entire Acta Innovations team on this remarkable achievement, and we look forward to more inspiring publications that will contribute to our global scientific legacy!