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3D videomicroscope

The 3D digital video microscope used in the Solar Energy Laboratory is integrated with micro and macroscopic non-destructive inspection system for material testing.

Unique functionalities:

  • Highly portable, easy to carry, all-in-one compact system with high-resolution CCD camera and 58-million-pixel image recording, flat 21 "Full HD display (1920x1080) with anti-vibration function, built-in 500GB, HDMI, RGB, USB outputs, network and printer connection, complete software package, built-in high intensity LED light source with 30,000 hours life time and high stability;
  • Real-time video inspection on a high resolution UXGA screen;
  • Magnification from 0.1x to 10.000x on the 21" screen.
  • 360° rotation around the sample with use of Hirox rotary head (unique for detecting defects)
  • Software for 2D measurement
  • Software for 3D measurement with Auto Multi focus, one-click-3D profiling and roughness measurement (Ra Ro)
  • Measuring of angle and radius on 3D profiles
  • Video recording and photos taking in AVI, JPG and TIF formats
  • Automated 2D and 3D panorama images composing, with resolution up to 225 million pixels;
  • Creating and printing simple reports and many other features
  • Non-destructive testing: contact or contactless inspection of object of any size, the lens can be directly mounted onto a large tripod;
  • High working distance (up to 135 mm using a small zoom adapter);
  • Possibility to install various lenses and adapters;
  • Various tripods (with manual or motorized setting);
  • Various tables (also with lighting transmission);
  • Different types of lighting: side, coaxial, annular, mixed
  • Determination of the angle of the material adhesion to the substrate, including the wetting angle (confirmation of the solids hydrophobicity)
  • Measuring the diameter and radius of spherical objects
  • Measuring of pore size in tested material