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New concept of digital innovation ecosystem in boostering circularity development

Twilight of traditional brokerage of innovation

Article history: Received 4 July 2023, Received in revised form 24 July 2023, Accepted 24 July 2023, Available online 24 July 2023.

pages: 92-106


Ewa Kochanska, Iwona Adamkiewicz, Katarzyna Wozniak, Marcin Podgorski, Zbigniew Przygodzki


The aim of the paper is to identify the direction of evolution, the conditions of organisation and the impact of the new concept of digital innovation ecosystem in boostering circularity development. The traditional model of innovation brokerage and the new circularity broker paradigm in the development of the circular economy is presented. The authors discuss the circularity broker as an IT interface, equipped with wide range of IT tools, and above all, self-learning applications with AI elements. The circularity broker is accompanied by its watch dog, i.e. a set of IT tools used to search, process and transfer information dedicated to specific stakeholders, exactly when they need this information. The concept of circular brokerage is anchored in the area of the regional clusters dedicated to circular economy development.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.32933/ActaInnovations.48.7


A broker of innovation, circularity, megatrends, interface