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no. 12

July 2014

Strategic management of the polish energy industry as it is being shaped by global factors

pages: 5-16

Marek Michalski

Nimby syndrome as an example of social conflict with local characteristics

Pages: 17-23

Monika Staniszewska

Practical methods of cleaning biogas from hydrogen sulphide. Part 1. Application of solid sorbents

pages: 24-34

Piotr Anielak, Karolina Rosiak, Wojciech Wolf, Andrzej Żarczyński

Issues of biological and agricultural treatment of municipal sewage sludge

Pages: 35-47

Magdalena Urbaniak, Anna Wyrwicka, Edyta Kiedrzyńska, Sylwia Staniak, Anna Gałązka, Wojciech Tołoczko, Grzegorz Siebielec

Transmission line easement

Pages: 48-53

Mateusz Popielas

From linear structure to matrix structure – the case study

pages: 54-60

Katarzyna Caban-Piaskowska, Magdalena Zalewska-Turzyńska

Transfer of scientific research results to practice-case study of innovative solutions whichhave been implemented in energetics

pages: 61-69

Jacek Karczewski