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A study on impact of Open Innovation Openness on the Practices adopted by Indian Food Processing SMEs on Product Innovation Output

Article history: Received 11 February 2022, Received in revised form 15 February 2022, Accepted 26 May 2022, Available online 26 May 2022

Pages: 45-63


Supriya Lamba Sahdev, Gurinder Singh, C S Sharma, Mamta Chawla


This study throws light on the outline of innovation taking place in Indian Food Processing SMEs with a special focus on open Innovation taking place in these SMEs and the exchange of information or knowledge taking place between inside-out and outside-in parties for the purpose of innovation. In addition, puts special focus on describing how SMEs’ product innovation output related with the effect of outside-in and inside-out exchange of knowledge and information. Further, it analyzes how expenditure on innovation and collaborating with outside parties can help in the predicting product innovation output of Indian Food Processing SMEs. The analysis was done with the help of Jamovi to find out regression between the dependent variable- “Product innovation output” & independent variables- “Extent of openness”, “Inhouse R& D expenditure”, “Purchase of R&D from outside sources”, “Acquiring knowledge from outside sources” and control variable- “Indian Food Processing SMEs”. And towards the end, it contains the summary of the survey done, which suggested that Indian Food Processing SMEs are proactively involved themselves in inside R&D in comparison to the outside R&D and buying or taking license from outside sources. Other than these activities, one more pointer came as a takeaway from the study, product innovation is performed more in comparison to process innovation by the Indian Food Processing SMEs.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.32933/ActaInnovations.44.4


open innovation; open innovation openness; product innovation; innovation output; India; food processing SMEs