CBI Pro-Akademia

dr hab. Zdzisława Beata Romanowska-Duda

Scientific discipline:Biological sciences
Main affiliation:University of Lodz


A graduate of the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection at University of Łódź. Sicnce graduation until now, she has worked in the biological sciences department. In the meantime, she took a part in scientific internships at leading universities of Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy and Canada. Author or co-author more than 220 publications, including 70 original scientific works and 150 reports at scientific conferences. Coordinator or contractor of more than 20 research projects. Awarded many prizes, Rector of the University of Łódź, Bronze and Silver Cross of Merit, the Gold Badge of the University of Łódź and in 2010 the Statuette of Golden Leader of Innovation in the province of Łódź for the project in the field of bioenergy.