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dr hab. Victoria Khaustova

Area reasearchSocial studies
Scientific discipline:Economics and finance
Main affiliation:Ukrainian Academy of Sciences


Viktoriia Ye. Khaustova currently works as Head of the Sector of Industrial Policy and Innovative Development of the Research Center for Industrial Problems of Development of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kharkiv).

In 1991 she took the degree of Master in specialty “Information systems in management” in S. Kuznetz Kharkiv National University of Economics. In 2001 she defended the dissertation and got the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Economics in specialty ”Economic and mathematical simulation” and in 2015 - the degree of Doctor of Economic Sciences in specialty “National economy”. The main subjects of her research are industrial policy in the country, the specifics and priorities of its formation and implementation tools.

During her professional career Dr. Khaustova occupied the following positions in organizations of Ukraine: consulting specialist of Development and Support of Investment Projects Department in Interregional association "AEK", expert appraiser in Kharkiv Mercantile Exchange and for about 15 years she has been working as the Deputy Director in Publishing house "INZHEK".

Since 2001 Dr. Khaustova has been carrying out teaching activity. Currently she holds the position of Professor of the Finance and Credit Department of Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

Working in the Research Centre for Industrial Problems of Development of NAS of Ukraine since 2007, Dr. Khaustova has gained a vast experience as an analyst and researcher. Her main research interests are focused on such areas: industrial policy, cluster policy and technology platforms, economic modeling of social and economic systems and processes, integration processes in economy. She is the author of more than 170 scientific works, including: 1 personal monograph, 8 collective monographs, 39 chapters in collective monographs, more than 80 scientific articles published in national and international journals, more than 35 conference abstracts. Dr. Khaustova was a supervisor for 7 Ph.D. dissertations, which were successfully defended.

Since 2002 Dr. Khaustova is the Executive Editor of the international peer-reviewed journal Business Inform (Ukraine), since 2009 - the Executive Editor of the international peer-reviewed journal The Problems of Economy (Ukraine), since 2016 - Editorial Board Member of the international peer-reviewed journal Innovative Economics and Management (Georgia).