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dr inż. Robert Blażlak

Area reasearchSocial studies
Scientific discipline:Management and quality studies
Main affiliation:Lodz University of Technology


Robert Blażlak Ph.D born in 1974, graduated from the Faculty of Organisation and Management Lodz University of Technology. Currently employed at the Lodz University of Technology  as Assistant Professor. His experience gained from coordinating and directing projects financed by Ministry of Scientific Research and Information Technology and National Science Centre. Also coordinating on behalf of the Lodz University of Technology project funded under the InterReg IVC - EURIS Open Research Platform, and funded by European Union funds - “Manager BioTechScience” - Postgraduate Studies in the management of research projects and commercialization of the results. He took an active part of the creation of the Regional Innovation Strategy - project “RIS-LORIS”. He was recommended by the Lodz University of Technology  as a specialist in the area of transfer of technology to the work of the Regional Innovation Strategy 2014-20, and other projects financed by InterReg IVC and coordinated by the Marshal's Office in Lodz; Improving Regional Policies Promoting and Motivating non-technological Innovation in SMEs - InnoMot and European Collaborative and Open Regional Innovation Strategies - EURIS.