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Link to website partners: www.hep.hr/esco
HEP ESCOis part of the HEP Group, the biggest national utility, owned by the government and it is an energy service-providing company. Part of HEP ESCO’s activities are profit based and offered on the market, such as implementation of ESCO projects, in the last 5 years in the private sector only. Part of its activities are development and research and non-profit based projects, such as EU funded projects, whose primary aim is development of innovative energy services, energy efficiency measures, contracting and financing, education of energy management and energy efficiency experts and knowledge sharing as well as measurement and verification methodologies. HEP ESCO is engaged in the Government programming in the area of energy efficiency in the public sector, as a relevant stakeholder for development of ESCO sector, including new regulations and financing. At the moment, Croatia lacks efficient regulations and business models which would provide an adequate framework for the implementation of public buildings renovation projects. HEP ESCO is aware of many current and potential barriers related to various aspects of ESCO projects, such as accounting, financial, legal, ownership and other issues which hinder the implementation of projects in the public sector which makes HEP ESCO a suitable partner for this task in the project. From 2003 when it was established, HEP ESCO managed more than 100 energy efficiency projects in the areas of public lighting, buildings and industry.


<b>FEEDSCHOOLS </b> <BR>Financing Environment and Energy Efficiency development in Schools

Financing Environment and Energy Efficiency development in Schools

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