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Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Link to website partners: www.cedint.upm.es/en

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) is the oldest and largest Spanish technical university, with more than 4.000 faculty members, 200 Research Units and 10 Research Institutes and Technological Centres.

CeDInt-UPM is the Research Centre for Smart Environments of UPM. CeDInt-UPM consists of 5 research groups: Energy Efficiency for Smart Grids and Smart Buildings; Next Generation Infrastructures, Applications and Content; Virtual Reality; Biometrics, Biosignals and Security; and Optical Engineering. The first group will participate in the development of this project. The activity of the group for Energy Efficiency is focused on ICT-based systems and infrastructures applied to the Next Generation Electrical Grids and Smart Buildings, with the objective of improving efficiency in energy consumption and minimizing the ecological footprint. In the area of Smart Buildings, the group works in the development of Building Automation Systems that provide the integration of different building management technologies, thus allowing an integrated management of sensors, actuators and devices present in the buildings. This group also works in wireless sensor networks, smart metering solutions (including visualization), Ambient Intelligence and Context Awareness concepts for the development of smart building strategies.

CeDInt has a Test and Demo Room as experimentation facilities to test different prototypes of energy efficiency management and control systems. This Laboratory is also used as a Showroom, where CeDInt-UPM R+D+I project results are shown. In this room some of the most widespread technologies for home and building control (Lonworks, KNX, DALI and BACnet), communication and networking (Ethernet and Zigbee) and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) have been installed.
The most outstanding national and international research projects carried out by CeDInt-UPM relative to this proposal are: LIVINGLAB (CSA, FP7- 212498) – Design Study for the Living Lab Research Infrastructure, to research human interaction with, and stimulate the adoption of, sustainable, smart and healthy innovations around the home; SMARTCITY: deployment and test of Smart Grid concepts in the city of Malaga; ECOBUILDING: Design and development of a software intelligent platform to monitor, evaluate and control energy efficiency in Buildings; 3WE: Design and Development of a Web-based application for CO2 emissions measurement and real time monitoring; DENISE – Intelligent, secure and efficient energy distribution; I3E: Development of a web platform to offer a service of real-time display of energy consumption in a group of buildings; CIUDAD 2020: new ICT-based services for energy and transport in future cities, among others.

CeDInt-UPM is member of several European Technology platforms, such as Networked and Electronic Media (NEM), Energy Efficient Buildings Association (E2BA), Future Internet PPP, Energy Efficiency TP, Smart Homes TP, among others.


<b>TeDS4BEE</b><br> Test of Digital Services for Buildings Energy Efficiency

Test of Digital Services for Buildings Energy Efficiency

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