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Link to website partners: www.fbserwis.com
FBSERWIS is a joint venture between Ferrovial Servicios and the Polish construction company Budimex. Budimex is subsidiary of FerrovialAgroman, the construction division of Ferrovial Group. FBSerwis has been recently set up in order to diversify the construction company into the services market, offering the possibility to build, maintain and operate every type of infrastructure, as well as to take advantage of the emerging market of facility management (cleaning, maintenance, energy management, security, etc). Budimex SA provides construction and assembly services in Poland and Germany. It constructs public utility buildings, trade and services infrastructure, residential premises, sport premises, industrial premises, airports, and specialized buildings; transportation infrastructure comprising motorways, roads, ring roads, city roads, bridges, and railways; and a portfolio of energy projects, including power plant, wind farm, nuclear power plant, and power station, as well as steelworks infrastructure. The company is also involved in the construction of sewage treatment plants, waste utilization plants, and other environmental facilities. In addition, it builds housing estates, residential and non-residential housing apartments, and multi-family dwellings; operates as a general contractor, substitute investor, subcontractor, and real estate developer; and offers property management services.


<b>TeDS4BEE</b><br> Test of Digital Services for Buildings Energy Efficiency

Test of Digital Services for Buildings Energy Efficiency

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