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ION Solutions

Link to website partners: http://www.ionsolutions.net

ION Solutions doo was founded in 2003, as a management spinout of the IT department of a Swiss owned company. From the very beginning, the focus of work was on distribution, development and implementation of systems based on high technologies.

ION Solutions doo is a system integration company with expertise in development, integration and maintenance of Smart Buildings and Smart House concepts and systems. By selection of best-of-brand equipment and by gaining experience through the permanent contact with vendors and project implementation, ION has gained the highest level of proficiency.
From the very beginning ION Solutions team included highly qualified young people, and their knowledge and great enthusiasm make the largest capital of the company.

By gaining experience in the field of the latest technologies and advancement through permanent challenges on the IT market, as well as by including young potentials in the projects and very successful predictions of market needs, ION Solutions has developed into a company of large potentials.

Currently the company ION Solutions consists of 14 engineers with master and Ph.D. degrees. Apart from these activities on the integration of BMS and smart house systems as well as the development and integration of solutions for property management, the company ION Solutions has plenty of experience in providing consulting services and market analysis in the field of energy efficiency of office and private facilities. The experts from the company ION Solutions have raised the automation of the business-residential buildings to a higher level by developing and applying advanced automation systems based on artificial intelligence such as: genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic etc. The modern technical solutions in the area of advanced management and energy efficiency such as Smart metering, use of renewable energy sources, etc. are in addition to implementation verified in practice in multiple renowned scientific journals.


<b>TeDS4BEE</b><br> Test of Digital Services for Buildings Energy Efficiency

Test of Digital Services for Buildings Energy Efficiency

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