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Ferrovial Servicios

Ferrovial Servicios, SA -Ferroser-, is the company of Ferrovial Group, which within the Services Division, operates in Spain, Portugal and other countries in the areas of comprehensive maintenance of facilities, industrial facility and energy management.

Ferroser has experience and capability to develop all necessary works with its own means and to finance investments, as well as the resources to cover all design parts of the energy contract business model. Ferroser is currently managing more than 2700 buildings, offering the following services: comprehensive maintenance of buildings and lighting installations (electric, compressed air, heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration, fire protection…), facilities management, industrial installations’ maintenance, energy management, energy services for buildings and street lighting, installations’ implementation and audits, road and infrastructure maintenance and cleaning.

Ferroser energy services offer energy consumption optimization in industrial, residential and services installations, while developing studies on high-energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. To meet these needs, Ferroser capabilities have grown as described underneath. The Technical Office is responsible for preparing energy audits, studies, energy management strategies and for investigating and analysing energy efficiency opportunities. Engineers, experts on energy audits management, energy efficiency and building services engineering, comprise most of the Technical Office team while 4 of which are EVO (Equipment Evaluation & Guidance) certified. The protocol IPMVP 2010 was developed by EVO (Energy Valorisation Organisation). It is the most widely accepted protocol in both international and national levels within the market of energy services. Four hundred (400) contract managers are working closely with the Technical Office to carry out the energy efficiency solutions and works in Ferroser contracts. Most of them are superior or technical engineers distributing works to more than 5,000 maintenance technicians.


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