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Development of the novel, integrated technology for textile wastewater treatment

Start date:2018-04-01
Completion date:2021-03-31
Project status:in progress
Aim of the project:To develop, design, construct and test on semi-industrial scale the technology for textile wastewater treatment, contributing to maximizing the degradation of chemical compounds responsible for membrane fouling.

About the project

Combined technology based on the intensification of the coagulation process and further advanced oxidation of hardly degradable chemicals is primarily intended to minimize or even prevent the fouling of the membrane, which precludes further effective membrane separation to ensure closing the loop of the process water. The offered technology significantly reduces the amount of post-process waste generated and uses waste heat lost in textile factories. In addition, appropriate selection and optimization of selected methods greatly increase the spectrum of technology application and thus provide the possibility of using it in both small and large enterprises with different production profiles.

The proposed technology takes into account the possibility of applying of the pre-oxidation stage with the use of H2O2. The proposed experimental work involves both lab-scale research on model compounds and wastewater and validation/verification of obtained results through experimental studies with the use of real textile wastewater at semi-industrial scale. Besides experimental, also conceptual and design work will be important part of the project, as well as the building of individual elements of the new installation. A smooth passing from lab-scale to large scale and from batch mode into continuous flow will ensure a gradual and in-depth process optimization with simultaneous elimination of some undesired phenomena. The final confirmation of functionality of the developed technology will be using of recycled process water for finishing of textiles and obtaining the increased durability of membranes as a result of elimination of extremely hazardous impurities from wastewater. 

The experts

Karina Michalska

Karina Michalska

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Polish National Centre for Research and Development

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