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Innovation factors in the cyclical development of ukrainian indu

Innovation factors in the cyclical development of Ukrainian industries

Date added: 2019-04-01

Pages: 43-56


Olga Polyakova, Viktoriia Shlykova


This article deals with the determination of the stages of development of Ukrainian industries with regard to the factors driving innovation. Based on an analysis of literary sources carried out, the most common indicators of the stages of development of industries have been identified, and it is proposed to classify them into structural, volumetric, dynamic, and innovation ones, given the specificity of the relevant statistical data regarding Ukraine. Calculations have shown that most industries are in a declining phase in terms of the majority of volumetric and innovation criteria. In some industries there are positive trends to intensify the innovation activity of businesses, while the chemical and engineering industries, which have the highest level of technological development, are in a decline phase.



industries, cyclical development, stages of development, innovation factors