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Katarzyna Woźniak
Katarzyna Woźniak
Technical Editor


Monika Stojan
Monika Stojan
Technical Editor

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The task “Maintenance
of the anti-plagiarism system” is being
financed by an agreement 605/P-DUN/2018
from the resources of Polish Ministry of Science
and Higher Education dedicated to
the activity popularising the science.

Zadanie „Utrzymanie systemu antyplagiatowego”
finansowane w ramach umowy
605/P-DUN/2018 ze środków Ministra
Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego przeznaczonych
na działalność upowszechniającą naukę



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no. 34

Greenwashing as a form of modern eco-marketing

pages: 5-12

Irina Astakhova, Tetiana Reznikova, Ekaterina Astakhova

Setting up the stage for smart sustainable city: international and ukrainian context
The role of smart solutions

pages: 13-24

Anna Pozdniakova, Iryna Velska

Analytical provision for managing innovation activities within the company considering the interests of stakeholders

pages: 25-39

Oksana V. Portna, Natalia Yu. Iershova, Dina A. Tereshchenko, Tetyana Yu. Chaika, George Dubynskyi

Photovoltaic systems – types of installations, materials, monitoring and modeling - review

pages: 40-49

Angelika Anduła, Dariusz Heim

Changes in waste packaging management and implementation to achieve a circular economy - polish case study

pages: 50-57

Joanna Zarębska, Berenika Lewicka

Risk in the scope of research and innovative technological projects

pages: 58-67

Maria Richert, Rafał Hubicki, Piotr Łebkowski, Joanna Kulczycka, Asja Mrotzek-Bloess