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Katarzyna Woźniak
Katarzyna Woźniak
Technical Editor


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Monika Stojan
Technical Editor

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no. 29

An innovative method of activating lime waste. Waste – sorbent - product

pages: 27-35

Krzysztof Knaś

Change of the communication service model on the example of the housing from the 2nd half of the 20th century "Pod dalnią" in Kielce

pages: 53-66

Ewa Dyk

Prospects for the implementation of real estate development in Ukraine based on energy efficiency principles and the problems with raising the finance required

pages: 5-15

Lyudmila Svistun, Taina Zavora, Yuliia Khudolii

Quality evaluation of iron casting EN-GJL-200 produced on the disamatic line

pages: 36-40

Kinga Boroń

Selected air pollutants in urban and rural areas, under the influence of power plants

pages: 41-52

Robert Cichowicz, Artur Stelegowski

The photoluminescent layers based on ZnO nanoparticles as radiation converters in photovoltaic applications

pages: 16-26

Natalia Szczecińska, Katarzyna Znajdek, Aleksandra Sosna-Głębska, Paul Lewicki, Przemysław Czarnecki, Piotr Kraska, Cezary Bazdyga, Gabriela Wiosna-Sałyga, Maciej Sibiński

The use of out-of-date frozen food as a substrate for biogas in anaerobic methane fermentation

pages: 67-75

Damian Pietrzyk, Anna Klepacz-Smółka

Verification of a method for determining the limit pressure peak in a mechanical continuously variable transmission

pages: 76-85

Bartosz Radzymiński, Jarosław Goszczak


no. 28

A novel microbial fuel cell with exchangable membrane – application of additive manufacturing technology for device fabrication

pages: 20-31

Dawid Zawadzki, Paulina Pędziwiatr, Karina Michalska

Biotechnological research in Ukraine for solving energy, medical-biological and medicalecological problems in 2009-2015 taking into account the implementation of the association agreement with the EU

pages: 49-71

Igor Yu. Matyushenko, Iryna An. Sviatukha, Marina S. Loktionova

Energy analysis of municipal waste in Dubrovnik

pages: 40-48

Paweł Król, Goran Krajačić

Methods for regeneration and storage of ceramic membranes

pages: 72-81

Aleksandra Zielińska

Overview of the existing heat storage technologies: sensible heat

pages: 82-113

Sergii Bespalko, Alberto Munoz Miranda, Oleksii Halychyi

Removal of 2-phenylbenzimidazole-5-sulfonic acid using heterogeneous photocatalysis

pages: 5-13

Waldemar Studziński, Alicja Gackowska

The impact of TiO2 modifications on the effectiveness of photocatalytic processes [review]

pages: 14-19

Karina Kocot, Gabriela Dyrda, Rudolf Słota

Trends in animal production from organic farming [review]

pages: 28-32

Wojciech Wójcik, Paweł Solarczyk, Monika Łukasiewicz, Kamila Puppel, Beata Kuczyńska


no. 27

Assessment of environmental impact of agricultural biogas plants

pages: 24-30

Monika Janas, Alicja Zawadzka

Influence of fish collagen on viscoelastic properties and sol-gel phase transition of chitosan solutions

pages: 14-23

Anna Rył, Piotr Owczarz

Modern rehabilitation systems based on textiles

pages: -13

Joanna Szmyt

Pressure measurement as a tool to identify moisture transport mechanisms in convective drying of non-shrinking material

pages: 46-52

Anna Adamska, Zdzisław Pakowski

Quantification of synthetic food dyes in beverages or pharmaceutical tablets by solid phase extraction (spe) followed by uv/vis spectrophotometry

pages: 53-60

Anna W. Sobańska, Paulina Jakubczyk, Jarosław Pyzowski, Elżbieta Brzezińska

Smart city strategies “london-stockholm-vienna-kyiv”: in search of common ground and best practices

pages: 31-45

Anna M. Pozdniakova

Use of fractional calculus in modeling of heat transfer process through external building partitions

pages: 61-70

Ewa Szymanek


no. 26

An assessment of the effectiveness of support for university programs from the human capital operational program in years 2013-2015 in the development of students competences in entrepreneurship

pages: 75-80

Kinga Korniejenko

Biomass as a major component of pellets

pages: 81-92

Monika Smaga, Grzegorz Wielgosiński, Aleksander Kochański, Katarzyna Korczak

Can titanium anodization lead to the formation of antimicrobial surfaces?

pages: 21-27

Aleksandra Jastrzębska, Krzysztof Jastrzębski, Witold Jakubowski

Decomposition of hydrogen perodixe - kinetics and review of chosen catalysts

pages: 45-52

Paulina Pędziwiatr, Filip Mikołajczyk, Dawid Zawadzki, Kinga Mikołajczyk, Agnieszka Bedka

Experimental analysis of chemical demulsification of cutting oil

pages: 28-37

Piotr Pacholski, Jerzy Sęk

Tests and theoretical analysis of a pvt hybrid collector operating under various insolation conditions

pages: 62-74

Paulina Sawicka-Chudy, Maciej Sibiński, Marian Cholewa, Maciej Klein, Katarzyna Znajdek, Adam Cenian

The optimisation of chromatographic conditions for the determination of acceptor-donor properties of graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide

pages: 5-20

Henryk Grajek, Justyna Jonik, Leszek Rutkowski, Marcin Purchała, Tomasz Wawer

The use of biofiltration process to remove malodorous gases from the wastewater treatment plant

pages: 53-61

Katarzyna Pieklarz, Alicja Zawadzka

Transport of emulsions in granular porous media driven by capillary force

pages: 38-44

Olga Shtyka, Łukasz Przybysz, Jerzy Sęk